Yaz Side Effects: Did You Suffer?

Yaz side effects can become highly debilitating if no attention is given at the right time. This write up has been dedicated to all those women who thought Yaz birth control pills could help them in safe pregnancy prevention. Have a look at the next section to know the risks involved and be safe.

It is unfortunate, but there are still many women that may not know about the dangerous side effects of Yaz. Yaz is a birth control medication that was manufactured by Bayer Corporation. The company has been the target of a few recent lawsuits because Yaz has been found to have generated some serious health issues in women taking the drug. Women who are unaware of the risks would definitely want to be aware of possible Yaz side effects, especially if they have taken the drug recently. Their health may be at risk and they might not even know about it. If you feel you’ve been experiencing side effects related to Yaz use, contact our legal team today for more information.

A Brief Discussion on Yaz Side Effects

1. Yaz Deep Vein Thrombosis: It’s one of the most commonly seen Yaz side effects. It’s too disappointing to know that a birth control pill can become a potent reason for blood clot in the leg. The chemical compounds used in the medication have been found to be directly linked to this condition. If you’re taking this drug, one of your legs can show swelling, pain or signs of discomfort. This happens due to poor blood circulation in the leg. The blood clots are basically hardened clusters of blood. If it unexpectedly forms inside the blood vessels, it’s obvious that the blood won’t be able to flow as smoothly as it should because of the blockage. To know why Yaz deep vein thrombosis is presumed a serious side effect, check out the next section.

2. Yaz Pulmonary Embolism: If the blood clot, or a portion of it, formed in your leg travels to your lung and causes a major artery blockage, it’ll be called pulmonary embolism. If the blood clots suddenly interfere with the blood flow in the lung and disrupt its normal functions, it can trigger symptoms like breathing complications or shortness of breaths. Experts say the frequent fluctuation in the estrogen level (triggered by the chemical compounds of the prescription drug) increases the risk of blood clot and Yaz pulmonary embolism in women.

3. Yaz Heart Attack: How cardiovascular diseases are related to Yaz side effects? Actually, the same reason, deep vein thrombosis, is the precursor of this condition. But in this case, the blood clot settles in a major artery of the heart. As blood can’t pass through a blocked artery easily, the heart has to pump harder to send blood to other parts of the body. You may have to experience a sudden surge in the blood pressure as a result. This is how the condition can eventually become a reason for the Yaz heart attack.

4. Yaz Stroke: Another Life Threatening Yaz Side Effect is also caused due to poor blood circulation. If you have been on the contraceptive for more than three months, the blood clot problem can even affect your brain. The blood clots can disturb blood circulation in the brain by blocking a nerve. A Dutch study conducted in the year 2009 showed a woman taking the birth control pills had a seven times higher chances of developing Yaz stroke. In this case, a nutrition and oxygen deprived brain nerve can trigger one of these extremely hazardous Yaz side effects.

5. Yaz Death: Lastly, Yaz death is the ultimate repercussion of all these circumstances. After all, heart attack, brain strokes and consistent lung complications are potent enough reasons to cause this unfortunate event. If a Yaz patient doesn’t quit the pills immediately, or don’t seek medical attention as soon as she notices the Yaz side effects, it can even cause unexpected death.

Yaz Side Effects can be very dangerous. It is important to know what Yaz side Effects to look for if you are taking Yaz.

Yaz Background:

Even though Yaz, the oral contraceptive, has not been on the market for long, it has quickly drawn attention from health experts due to the negative consequences many women have reported . Medical professionals have become increasingly concerned with the number of women who have demonstrated health issues as a result of taking this medication. Some people have even discovered that their lives have been irreparably changed as a result of taking the pill. You will want to know about these Yaz side effects, because you too could be affected by these issues. Being informed is one of the most vital tools that you will have at your disposal.

The biggest issue associated with Yaz is that it increases the risk of developing blood clots. Women taking Yaz are 6 to 7 times more likely to develop blood clots than women taking no birth control at all. While most blood clots are minor and will not cause permanent damage, they can sometimes dislodge and travel throughout the body causing much more serious conditions. This is why doctors everywhere are considering these Yaz side effects to be very serious and some women are at a higher risk for them than others.

Health complications that have emerged:

yaz side effectsOf the women who have developed blood clots that progressed into more critical conditions, the most common complication to emerge has been the stroke. This happened when the blood clot broke loose and created a pulmonary embolism that could travel freely throughout the body. This clot eventually lodged itself into an artery which led to the brain, leading to a stroke. When the women had strokes, many were left with permanent damage and limited functionality.

Another one of the Yaz side effects is cerebral hemorrhage. Many times, this complication may not be noticed until it is too late. Some women who experienced this had blurred or even permanently lost vision. Some went into comas while the blood clot worked its way into a brain artery and caused bleeding there. In a few instances, this has led to death.

While some severe reactions have been witnessed, the most common Yaz side effects are much less dangerous. When taking Yaz or any other medication you will want to talk to your doctor immediately should you have concerns about reactions. It is good to weigh the risks when taking any medications and being informed of possible drug reactions may help you decide what is right for you, as everyone reacts differently to different chemicals.

What to do when you discover you have been affected:

Some women may not be sure what they should do after a health issue has been diagnosed. They may feel somewhat helpless and damaged, especially if they were unaware of the possible Yaz side effects while taking the medication. In many cases doctors may be able to choose a course of action for their patients that will bring them back to full health. In the meantime, they should consider taking legal action against the makers of this drug. Many women have received compensation from Bayer for the damages that they sustained while taking Yaz.

If you are interested in finding a pharmaceutical litigator to give legal assistance, you may be surprised to find out that many women have already begun this process. The most successful cases have been those that were part of class action lawsuits. These occur when many aggrieved parties join together to file a common suit against a large defendant. This can allow small claims to be combined as a more effective force. This is the ideal format for some of the cases that have surrounded the Yaz side effects. If you would like to learn more click here.

Advantages of Class Action Lawsuits:

Why should you choose to file a Class Action Lawsuit? Another option could be trying to sue Bayer on your own. There are many attorneys who might advise against doing this. This is because a single small claims case may not stand much of a chance in the court system. You may have much more luck with your case if you are willing to file a class action suit. Bayer has already paid out over $1 billion to members of Yaz Class Action Lawsuits, which makes it seem as though a class action lawsuit is the way to go.

How would you begin to pursue a Yaz Class Action Lawsuit? We have a team of legal experts standing by that can help you determine what the next course of action should be. If you have suffered from a severe Yaz reaction, you may be an excellent candidate to join in the class action. Our experienced pharmaceutical litigators will defend your rights in a courtroom setting. If you would like to determine if you qualify to file a lawsuit, complete the form on this page today. We have Yaz attorneys conveniently located throughout the country who can assess your case at no charge. These lawsuits are settling now and there is only a limited time left to file. Get on the road to receiving the compensation you deserve, contact us now!