Yaz Blood Clots and Its Dangerous Repercussions

Yaz Blood ClotsYaz blood clots, one of the many severe side effects of the birth control pill, have raised nationwide concern. At first, women thought they could simplify their life with this contraceptive. But, it turned out to be a precursor of horrific health complications instead. This medicine has been found to invoke chances of developing blood clots within first three months of its use. No women were told about the probable aftereffects of the medicine. After all, who would doubt the effect of a medication if it was prescribed by the health physician? Sadly, sometimes one has to pay a cost for someone else’s fault.

Yaz Blood Clots: The Reason For Concern

Blood clots are very hard clusters of blood. They usually form due to the body’s natural defense mechanism. However, the sudden change in the chemical composition caused by the contraceptive pills can increase the blood clots and influence them to break free and travel to other important parts of the body. If the Yaz blood clots block a major artery in lung or heart, it can give you high blood pressure, breathing complications. If the blood clots create congestion in one of the nerves of the brain, it can impose a major threat to your health as you’ll have higher chances of stroke. Do you understand now how Yaz can cause so many complications to worry about?

Yaz manufacturer was overly excited about the drug’s abilities. They touted the drug as the best method to get rid of the chances of having an unwanted pregnancy. According to the TV commercials, there were no other medicines with similar effects in the market at that time. However, the company’s high profile promises soon turned out to be a trigger of many disastrous health complications that we’re going to explain in the section below.

Yaz Blood Clots and Other Symptoms

How long you’ve been taking the medication? Women were reported to have complications within three months of taking the drug. You should look out for symptoms like blood clots in the leg, which is called deep vein thrombosis. In this case, your leg may swell or become reddish. You may also have leg cramps. Blood clots can also travel to the lung. It will be then called pulmonary embolism. It can cause blurred vision or coughing blood.

Are there any other symptoms except the Yaz blood clots problem? Of course, there are. You may experience shortness of breath, breast tenderness, headache, nausea, high blood potassium, chest pain, drastic weight gain or reduction or sudden increase in appetite. Be sure to rush to a physician even if you feel the symptoms are very mild.

Yaz Blood Clots Brought Nightmares for Women in the U.S.

If a woman takes a prescribed medicine without having a single clue about its side effect, it might take a little time for her to notice the initial symptoms. For example, if you’re not aware of the fact that Yaz pills you’re taking can cause blood clots in the leg, you would probably take your leg swelling as a mere effect of exertion or leg strain. If you decide not to take the condition too seriously, the blood clots can migrate from your legs to some major heart or lung arteries, or can block a brain vessel. A few women in this country have died because of late diagnosis of this type of condition.

Earlier, the contraceptive pill was marketed as a remarkable solution for improving quality of life, treating acne and premenstrual symptoms. But, when an increasing number of Yaz blood clots complaint started to appear, the FDA decided to look at the concerns. In 2012, the Federal regulatory bodies instructed the pharmaceutical company to change its product label and state the unwanted result of the study.

Questions about the side effects of Yaz were raised in 2009 when a few research findings strongly voiced against the effect of the drug. Although Yaz was introduced by Bayer Healthcare in the year 2006, its unknown side effects started to appear in late 2008.

Reasons for Yaz Blood Clots Lawsuits

The reasons for Yaz side effects could be many. Maybe the manufacturer wasn’t correct about the drug design or the manufacturing process. It’s also possible that the manufacturer overestimated the drug’s capabilities and conveyed wrong information to the consumers. Manufacturer’s failure to warn consumers about the drug’s known risks or intention for misrepresentation of facts should be held responsible. This is what consumers of this country did. Women held Bayer Healthcare responsible for their physical and mental sufferings. The company had to undertake pre-marketing clinical trials to confirm the risks associated with the drug.

When countless numbers of consumer Yaz blood clots cases started to come into the notice, the FDA instructed the firm to update the product label warning.

What You Can Claim Through the Yaz Blood Clots Lawsuit?

If you have lost your job due to your declining health condition, the manufacturer should be held accountable for diminished lifetime earning capacity or loss of wages. You can even claim compensation for your current as well as any future medical expenses. The legal claim can be filed to recover compensation for emotional distress or any ongoing treatment or therapy.

Although it’s not totally known why Yaz is so likely to cause blood clots, consumers shouldn’t take any risk. Get in touch with our law firm to know your eligibility as an applicant and the amount of compensation. . If you’re found qualified to file the drug injury case, our lawyers will explain the courtroom proceedings and many other legal formalities related to the litigation. In any case, just remember to approach a reliable legal expert who has years of experience in handling product liability, personal injury or drug injury cases. We’ve a panel of very experienced lawyers.

We can’t assure you any compensation in the first hand though. We’ll do it in a step by step way. To win Yaz blood clots litigation, we will do a case investigation, you may also have to do a little homework and help us with enough supporting evidence.

By Bill Bohack 


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